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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Holiday Adventure Pt 3

Welcome to the BEACH (and other pictures) ADVENTURE!

So this is related to my bike ride down to the beach as I mentioned at the start of this series. I took a bike down to the beach. It was a pretty darn long bike ride - especially so for someone with ham for legs like me. Suffice to say my legs were completely destroyed at the end of it and my butt was equally devastated - the seat was hard. Never doing that again. With that bike anyway.

So here's the end destination.

It was a beautiful day to go to the beach. Clear blue sky. Gorgeous. And to think it's a public beach as well. Splendidly clean and amazing.

My footsies in the sand!

There was a theme park as well on the pier. How cool is that.

My camera wouldn't focus that well though because of the sun. It was so bright and it was shining in my direction so I guess it fuzzled up the focus. But I still managed to take this.

That's like calling it Pantai Otot in Malaysia... HAHA

And to finish up, here are some sights from my bike ride down Santa Monica Boulevard.

Interesting Anti McDonalds advertising...

This was my bike route while cycling past Beverly Hills (again). It just looked pretty awesome. And it went on for almost forever.

I have no idea what the significance of this fountain is.. but it just looks pretty.

All I can say is that it was surely NOT worth the ride there. Yes it's all beautiful and lovely... but next time I'm taking the bus. Or getting a better bike seat.



You DO NOT want to miss that. It's my favourite upcoming adventure. Stay tuned.

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