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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The things I miss... (so far)

Last Edited - November 14 2009.

- My CD collection

- Making money and buying almost anything I like.

- Late night mamak sessions with random people

- Driving

- Mom's spaghetti (mine is no where near in comparison)

- My drum kit

- Jamming with the Teen Street band (yes you guys get special mention)

- 7-11 and Viran

- Milo

For now..


- Going to Summit

- Rain (yes.. I miss the rain. I haven't had any since I got here)

- Yee Mee (all the varieties of it - claypot, fried, braised ... etc etc)

- My Toy Collection

- 7 RM movies and the unlimited time to watch them

- Mom's baking - everything from brownies to apple cakes and pies.

- spices in the fridge (all I have here is salt and pepper.. everything else is so expensive)

- chinese rice wine

- Frozen burger patties (really cheap ones)

- Longan syrup mix

- Impromptu practices at my house with Calbin, Ahloo and others who've been there.

- My Calvin & Hobbes collection.


- Eating out.

- The chicken rice chili, and perhaps some other kinds. But mainly that one.

- Eating cheap-ish sushi

- Tau foo fah and other tong sui.


- Durian. Lots of Durian.

- Koko Crunch


adam said...

Late night mamak with random ppls?

Ya can have early breakfast with random ppls over there.

Yeah man, Teen street band !!

KAY JAY said...

@adam, it's not the same la. Early morning breakfast tak syok... Lazy to wake up so early. XD

~ Jules ~ said...

Woohoo! Teen Street Band makes it to the top!

Wonder if there's a reunion soon @ the KL chapter at Cornerstone Baptist... KJ, we promise to place your picture there too, hahah...

KAY JAY said...

@Jules, why not take it a step further and get someone to skype me in. I can go live from my practice lab! XD

~ Jules ~ said...

You know somethin, KJ? We juuuuuust might ;)

UGN said...

whoa, so do we get an award for making it to the list? =D

on a totally seperate note:

PLATI. The word verification (required to post this comment) to show that I'm human is PLATI.

The next time you want to find out if someone's human, say PLATI and wait for them to respond.

KAY JAY said...

@Jules, sounds like a plan.

@UGN, being on the blog should be rewarding enough. XD