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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chapter dappy hothers fay

The sequel.

*Cue opening credits*

I'm far away, I'm not in sight,
it is an eighteen hour flight.
I have not cash nor space nor time
so all I'll do is write this rhyme.
I've given my dear Mum her share
and figure that it's only fair
to use what skill I still possess
and come up with more thankfulness,
forced into rhyme for all to see
and get a laugh or two or three.
Dad's not into the rhyming word
which makes this all the more absurd.
But what the heck, I'll have a go,
it might just work, we'll never know.

The one thing I can't comprehend
is how my dad can truly spend
hours, hours back to back
reading from a giant stack
of books that I don't understand.
He really does deserve a hand.
It is a trait I do respect
but one that I, for now, reject.
I don't think that my scrawny rear
can sit that long and live, I fear.

Dad's not the most outgoing type,
he's not one to join in the hype
of things that artsy people do
and most of what I am into
like music, movies, games or art
so he just tends to not take part.
Looking back some years ago
I recognise, and now I know
that while Dad didn't catch my style
he spent a pretty darn long while
taking both his children to
the things that we wanted to do.
The stuff the two of us enjoyed
was stuff that I think he'd avoid.
Like ACE VENTURA at the screens -
while we'd be laughing at the scenes
amidst the noisy cheering crowd
he'd be asleep and snoring loud.

While you might think that's no big deal
if you know dad, you'll know it's real
how much a loving thing it is
for all those many instances
where he has taken time to be
with my brother and with me.

He may not be a superdad
but I am still incredibly glad.
He's my dad and so I can
loudly proclaim - Dad. He's the man.

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