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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Holiday Adventure Pt 2 - BEVERLY ADVENTURE

The adventure came in the shape of a rental car, rented by some friends of my roommate. We decided to drive up and around Beverly Hills to see all the 'amazing cribs' as one of them so profoundly mentioned. While I personally found snapping pictures of people's insanely huge and amazing 'cribs' somewhat ridiculous (imagine yourself going around ss19 taking pictures of houses. They'd think you're a terrorist or something. Which is definitely not good in America) I did take a whole load of pictures of some great views and sights around Beverly Hills.

Now Hollywood may not be all it's cracked up to be but Beverly Hills certainly is. It's amazing how some people can afford mansions like those. Unfortunately there will be no mention of mansions here because I don't want to be caught by the FBI or CIA or whatever. Or maybe just one mansion.

The Iconic Beverly Hills sign. Unfortunately that's the best angle I had. Any more and I would be on the road being hit by a truck.

That's just some pics of the view from the top (or almost top) of Beverly Hills. Really gorgeous.
And here's the mansion I promised. This house/mansion/castle is literally sitting on it's own hill. I can only guess who lives here but he/she has got to have money running out the nose.

We stopped several times on the side of the road just to admire the view. And then I saw this.

We parked right under the 'no parking' sign. Fancy that.

And that's Beverly Hills. I don't know how many movie star homes I passed. I'm guessing a ton because clearly there were some houses there that are safer than the pentagon. And more gorgeous.

Stay tuned for the next episode of ...



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