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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chapter 62.33% - The good the bad and the ugly.. without the bad.. or without the ugly... either one.. but only the good and bad..or the good and ugly

Double happiness !

Today you get treated to a special double edition of my LPW recordings..

I have been more 'rajin' with my recordings this quarter. All for the sake of your entertainment. So be thankful.

But this is an interesting double edition. What you are about to witness are two ends of the extreme... on one side we have a really good LPW with solid performance and sound.. and on the other hand we have a really crappy one with mistakes from almost everyone all over the place (and I must admit... including me.. but in my defense, I only made two small ones and everyone else made millions more and it totally threw off the groove of the whole song).

That was the nightmare one. So many things went wrong. Firstly I apologise for the poor camera positioning. You can glimpse me every couple of seconds when the singer moves away.

Secondly you will realise that everyone makes a ton of mistakes. The bassist didn't know the parts... the pianist sounded terrible on the bends and the guitarist stopped for no reason in the middle and started on the wrong key. And I started shuffling my hi hat (not so noticeable thankfully). And the singers forgot to come in. It almost felt like I was playing alone... *shivers* A nightmare indeed. The suckiest thing was that the band right before me was amazing. They were so awesome it sounded almost like the original.. and then I got stuck in the mud. Thankfully I still managed to scrape a 89 even with all the terribleness going on.

And then we have this.

What a splendid sound that is when everyone sounds good and knows what's happening. Thankfully that happened.



I just realised my videos have been embedding in all sorts of sizes lately.. I don't know why and I'm not really bothered to find out...

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