This blog has now reached it's end. The American Adventure has finished. Will there be a sequel in the near future? One will never know, but for now let's let the credits roll...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chapter 99


This is the 99 scoring Blues Uberness.

Have fun

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chapter NEIN - More random images.

Back to more random picture taking.

I bought some Time.

Finally some spices! Food taste +15% Syok!

Our fridge has been icing alot lately. And just recently it heralded this.


You thought this only happened in Malaysia, where people are inconsiderate and just plain ballsy.

Well, cart stealing is a universal crime.

the 99LPW is coming up. I just need to edit it and upload. Stay tuned.

*Ps. Sorry for the oversize pics. I forgot to reset my photobucket settings after the practice cubicle pic.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chapter moo

Was walking down the grocery in lane number five,
looking for delicious things to help keep me alive.
The shelves were stacked with things that looked incredibly good
but all I really needed was some cheap breakfast food.
The boxes on the shelves held all the marvelous treats
from flavoured oats to toasted corns to multi coloured wheats.
I looked and searched and tried to find  a box of something nice
but as a student, all the time, I only look at price
and standing right above the boxes, heaps and mounts
was a box of breakfast for just 15 cents an ounce.

I quickly grabbed a box, no two, and shoved them in my cart
and thought a little to myself, 'now that's a perfect start.'
The box reached home and sat and waited for the morning come
when I would finally get the chance to crunch my teeth on some.

I poured into my bowl a tiny mountain of the stuff
and then a little more too just in case it's not enough.
I soaked the whole ensemble in some milk and took a spoon
And sat down on the couch and table where I would soon
ingest the breakfast treats and savour the delicious crunch
and keep myself full and well till it's time for lunch.

*nom nom nom*
*nom nom nom*


Have you ever tasted something so artificially sweet
that it gives you the shivers down to your very feet.
It left a tingling in my throat that I could surely feel
and my eyes went all squinty from the sweet breakfast meal.
An overdose of sugar I think I might have had today-
no that's an understatement, it's quite that bad I say.

Cap'n Crunch's Peanut Butter Crunch is the culprit here my friend.
And I swear to you, I really do, to NEVER BUY IT AGAIN.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

CChhaapptteerr 44 - The Movie Adventure

I went to the MANN's CHINESE to watch a movie the other day.

Instead of reviewing the movie (which was District 9 and was pretty darn awesome) I want to review the theatre and the experience.

Going to the movies in America is very very much different from going to the pictures back in Malaysia. It's an entire event. It's not just going to see a movie, it's the whole package of it. People lining up at the box office to get tickets, queuing up early to get good seats (yeap its' free seating in there) and buying all the confections from the glitzy stands right outside the hall.

So there I was sitting in the amazingly beautiful auditorium (it's not just crap seats and some dim lights and padding on the walls. The inside of the Mann's Chinese is really gorgeous. It's got all the chinese themed decorations all over the walls and roof) waiting for the movie to start. There's advertisements going on without little sound at first and not just a black screen. And just before the movie starts, they actually have a freakin' curtain drawn across the screen! It's like a real theatre experience. Then they draw back the curtains and the previews begin. And movie starts.

The audience is a whole different story. They clap and cheer and all sorts of stuff when things happen during the show. Funnily enough, there was a preview for a movie 'Legion' (which looks pretty cool) and the start had a wall climbing, fast moving, people eating, grandma. And the crowd just clapped and cheered when that happened. Hilarious.

Interesting bunch of people, the American theatre audience.

And then when the movie ended, everyone just applauded. Applauded whom, I have the faintest idea. I seriously don't get that bit. Who on earth are we applauding? It's not even opening night where the stars are there or the director's there. It's just a screen. Why are we applauding the credits?

It's a unique experience. And a pretty funny one.

Chapter Fourtyswish


AKA Practice Vid #2.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chapter R for Random Images

Ok ok ok ok ok...

Swish swish video is coming.

What on earth is a swish swish video? Well, I guess if you know what drummers are all about you've pretty much guessed it. If you have, don't tell anyone who hasn't. For those who haven't, live with the suspense. *evil grin*


To make up for my tardiness in getting the 'swish swish' video together, here are some random images I took recently of my lab. Some of you guys have never seen my practice lab before. So here it is. This is where I spend my dark and lonely nights every night of the week.

Ironic how I told myself that I would NEVER work in a cubicle and here I am, stuck in what basically is the size of a cubicle, practicing every night. God has a funny sense of humor.

These are the wood chips you see littering the floor. And pretty much 15% of my sticks.

My sticks now.

And the wear and tear contributing the the cleanliness of the floor.

Never in my life have I used my sticks so much. I think my practice here in these 4 months has amounted to more than I've ever played in my life. I've broken as many sticks in this time as I have over my entire course of ever playing drums. Interesting statistic.



Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chapter ? - September

Yes it is September. It's not August. The world is lying to you.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Chapter - The Upgrade

Photo taken with WebCam, so lighting and quality may suck.

KJ version

Now presenting...

KJ Version


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chapter *.* - The BEST, the BEAST

Say what you want, but the best burgers are the ones you make yourself.

I suppose it's a travesty making your own burger in burgerland.

Oh well.