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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chapter Tree - The beach adventure Take 2

Beach day!
No pics!
Don't care!
Quite cold! Then hot!
In N Out Burger! Yum!
10 foot waves! Very powerful!
They literally push you off your feet!
And suck you towards the ocean!
Bashing! Pain!
Swallowed lots of seawater!
Salt up my nose!
Really really strong waves!
Lifeguards were whistling everywhere!

Ok.. I can't do it. I don't have enough stuff to make a post ala the 268blog. (If you're wondering, go to and check out Louie's post)

But the waves were insane. I've never felt that much power in a wave before. They literally lift you off your feet and trash you all over the place and up becomes down and down becomes up and left becomes cheese and right becomes far and near becomes fish and potatoes become peanuts and life becomes beer and legs become hands and hands become cucumbers... you get the idea.

And the suction is just as crazy. You know when you stand near the edge of the waters and when the waves recede they have a slight drawing sensation towards the ocean? Well, this was the same, except 1000 times more powerful.

So here I am, literally getting pushed and pulled all over the place and having water going in all the places it shouldn't be going and having sand literally in every possible part of my body (EVERY possible part. I am not joking...).


I've never had such insane waves before.

It's NUTS!

Ok.. bai for now.

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