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Monday, March 1, 2010

Chapter []-[] - more student musings and other stuff...

Can you believe it's march already?

Lots to blog about. Had a great weekend. But that later. I have some weird random pictures to get out of the way first.

So my roomie suddenly decided to buy a gamecube. We had a ridiculously huge TV that we got off the street or something. I was actually going to suggest throwing it away - it was taking up precious table space. But then he went and got this. And I just cracked up at the thought.

My trusty multi purpose bowl has finally given in. It has served me well this one year almost. It has taken so much stress... I shall write an ode to my bowl.

A powerful tool you have been,
the best-est bowl I have ever seen.
All the food that you held in,
the abundant space you had within.

The heat you managed to sustain,
the cold you took again and again,
the battering of a metal spoon,
all in a single afternoon.

You've served me well all through this year,
with loyalty that knows no fear.
The damage done I can't repair,
But do not wallow in despair
for though you are broken in two
my daily meals owe themselves to you
You are the bowl others admire,
so with love I now let you retire.


So my watch has been with me for many years now. And I guess the wear and tear is starting to show. The strap is about to give up on me.

But to the rescue comes duct tape.

So yes. My watch strap is being held together with duct tape. In two places. It's going to be three very soon.


That's the nonsense I have to post. The big weekend adventure is coming. Let me organise my pictures and videos first.

So while that's happening, here's my special 'red filter' effect.

No extra props, software, or photo editing.

Points for guessing how it's done.


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