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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chapter Brr Brr Brrrr.... Motorbike... - The Mammoth Adventure Pt 3

As much as I like the previous post, we must continue onwards into the mountains before my other future posts start to creep up on me. I have some more LPW videos coming. I realise I haven't posted that many lately, but 3 are coming up right away back to back to back.


Where did we leave off?

Oh yeah.

The videos on Saturday.

As you can see, I'm quite out of breath most of the time. That's because it's ruddy tiring. And because it's ruddy cold. Check out all that snow.

So yes. Break for lunch. A beer and some sandwiches.

I'm surprised my sandwiches actually remained in tact. Having no bag for the sake of convenience, they rode in my ski pant pockets with me all the way down the hill 3 times, enduring the first runs that resulted in so many crashes. They were pretty flattened after that, but they survived. And they still tasted delicious.

And that beer sure felt good. A fresh cold beer is just as comforting in the blasting cold as it is in the blasting hot. Maybe beer is magical.

I skied (I just realised the past tense of ski is skied. Sounds like sky-ed) pretty much the whole day. Determined to not let the mountain defeat me and determined to get my money's worth, I opted to ski until the day went dark. Of course it didn't by the time I called it quits. But I sure as heck defeated the mountain.

But the adventure doesn't end there.

Being Asian, the ultimate highlight is...


Look familiar? Yay for steamboat.
Doesn't come close to steamboat at home, but hey you take what you get. And it certainly felt awesome.

And here's a snapshot of the gang.

From left to right top first - Colleen, Sean, Jodie, Baby Carter, Amy, Karen, Bryant, Ryan, Albert.

Me taking. And I missed out one more guy, Benny. I totally left him out. I apologise.

That concludes Saturday.

Stay tuned to the final part on Sunday which brings us home, and some of the most spectacular mountain scenery ever, or as I call them - postcard pictures. Assuming of course I've managed to capture them properly with my feeble camera abilities.

Till then.

Biex ikunu Kontinwazzjoni!!

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