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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter Brrrrrr Brrrrrr - The Mammoth Adventure Pt 2

Day 2 of the weekend.

It's saturday morning and the view out the window looked like this.

And the car looked like this.

And I looked like this.

It was snowing all night long and it literally buried the cars outside. It's ridiculous. Our car was actually shaded from the wind by trees and stuff so it didn't get the worst of it. But it did get stuck in the snow.

And that's me by the way, in case you've forgotten what I look like now. Full skiing garb on. Ski pants, gloves dangling on the side, scarf, hat, and skis. Ready to take on the world. Well, maybe not the world. But a small hill covered in snow. Well, maybe not a small hill. A big mountain. But not the whole mountain. Just a tiny bit of the mountain. Well, maybe not a tiny bit, it's a whole slope. It took one lift chair ride up. Well, okay, maybe just a tiny bit because the mountain is huge. Well, maybe not that tiny because for a n00b like me, it's huge. Well, maybe not that huge.

Outside in the snow ridden world is a plethora of hazards. Yes I used the world plethora. Almost every house is riddled with these.

I tried to take 'artistic' photos of them because that would be neat, but since I'm just as useless at photography as I am in skiing, they ended up like that. I'm sure someone with a much better sense of photography could capture those in a manner that would make you go 'WOW' and 'Woah!!' and 'Ah!' an 'OOooh!' and whatever non-human noises you are capable of making, but for whatever it's worth, they made me make those noises when I first saw them.

I should've knocked some of them down and held them as a trophy. I saw a kid with one the next day - which I didn't take a picture of because that would be rude - and it was bigger than him.

They are hazards, yes. They can spear your brains if they land on you. Or maybe not. I can't remember the verdict on mythbusters, but I'm pretty sure they do kill you. I'm not about to test it though.

So, after breakfast it's off to the ski lifts.

I got my 'Noob' ticket.

There's so many things insulting about that ticket. Adult beginner. Makes you sound like an old lady behind the computer for the first time. Oh wait, those are called 'mothers'. And that 'Access these chairs only' makes me sound like a little kid. 'No you can't go there. It's too dangerous for you'.


So up the hill we go.

You might be wondering if it's really that dark. Well, it wasn't. But it was cloudy. And it snowed a ton. So it didn't make for the best picture taking in the world. And I know it doesn't look that steep here. But it got much steeper nearing the bottom of the run.

I considered strapping my camera somewhere on my body and filming a run down the hill. But considering the fact that I crashed so many times, I decided against it. It would've made for a good video though. It was either risk destroying my camera for a good video, or bore you instead with written descriptions of my ski run that would do no justice to explaining the sensation of skiing to you who sit there in the sun and rain all year long. I opted for the latter as you can tell because I knew the destruction of my camera would most certainly cause major disappointment to all of you guys who are so fond of my face and my other appendages.

I'm trying to be funny with words. Do laugh.

Since I typed so much this time, I'll grace you with some video next post. And the conclusion of my ski run.

It keeps suspense.

And I get to do this again.

Upang maging patuloy na!!!


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