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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chapter 365 (Photo updated. Read again thanks!)


- I was in McDonalds, in KLIA, as per tradition.
- My arms were aching from carrying my guitar across the airport.
- I hugged and said farewell to family and friends.
- I disembarked on my journey, as so many others have before me.
- I flew halfway across the world.
- I ate a lot of crappy food in a long metal tube high in the sky.
- I broke my in flight console twice.



Remember it.


Time to flex my poetry muscles.

A sonnet.

A year ago today, the twenty eight,
I took a journey cross the open sea.
Twas on this one and only fateful date
I left my home with I, myself and me.
I said goodbye to friends convened around
and to the members of my family,
there were sad voices and the tears did sound
we knew, that way, it surely was to be.

I waved my last farewell across the hall
while sight still lasted 'tween themselves and I,
and with a final nod behind to all
I crossed the gates and got prepared to fly.

The hours spent imprisoned in my chair,
a flight of many hours, eighteen long.
I was prepared for it and to be fair
I thought me fine, but I was oh so wrong.
Twas agony to be sustained in flight
with naught to do but sit and wait and sigh
with none but cloud and sky and sea in sight
I waited for the landing to draw nigh.

So finally my feet did find the land
the boredom of the flight cut with a knife.
Adventure waited, journeys were at hand,
A chapter, new, bestowed upon my life.

A year ago today does not seem long
and God has kept me well and safe and strong.

Much more to come, adventure all along,
For now, here ends my sonnet and my song.


Before and after picture. Of me. Duh. Who else.
This was me a year ago. I'm sure you remember it from the old blog.

Witness the transformation.

And the mutation.

Mum, I dare you to print those and frame them up at home. I dare you.


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