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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Joys of Cleaning Pt 2

The situation - I moved to a new apartment. Don't bother asking why because I'm too lazy to tell you. The old place was in a mess. The manager was coming to inspect, so we had to work our butts of to get the place sparkling.

The solution - Get some cleaning liquid, some sponge, a mop and whatever else we can lay our hands on and destroy the dirt. Annihilate it. Cast it away into the nothingness of the rubbish bins.

The outcome - Using nothing but weird ammonia cleaner that I suppose has shortened my life by a considerable amount, and a sponge that has seen too many years for it's own good, and a mop that is so forsaken that I could've done better with a Kleenex, and a spoon, we managed to clear up majority of the place. Among the interesting events that occurred were

- Me scrubbing the shelves so hard the paint came off
- Using a spoon to clean a stove top. Yes, a spoon. Figure that one out will you
- Breathing in excessive amounts of ammonia
- Running out of plastic bags to store garbage

And other things. 

Mission completed - eventually.


Conclusion? I spoke recently about the joys of cleaning.

Well, here's my conclusion. There's only joy in cleaning when you clean for yourself. Cleaning sucks when you do it for someone else.

That being said, I've cleaned my new apartment and sliding my feet on the comfy clean carpet is pretty rewarding.

So my conclusion is definite. The joys of cleaning only exist as long as you reap the benefits.


Anonymous said...

Hey KJ! Esther here; found your blog - looks like you're having a good time over there. ;p

KAY JAY said...

@axtar, indeed I am. Thanks for stopping by XD