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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blue Cheese?

You know when you watch food channels and you see all the weird/cool things that foreigners put in their food? Well, on the other hand they probably look at our asian stuff and think the same way, but that's not the point. 

Sometimes you hear about ingredients that sound cool and you wished you can have some. And then you go to your local market to find that no such thing exists where you live. 

And then you go to a new place and you actually find TONS of the stuff.

Well that happened to me just recently. 

I walked into the grocery store to look for salad dressing and the amount of varieties scared me. Shelf after shelf of weird looking salad dressings were looking down at me, inviting me to buy them. One particular bottle caught my eye. It said 'Blue Cheese' dressing. And I'm go 'Blue Cheese? Awesome! I'm a cheese guy ( I think) and I've always wanted to try blue cheese. The way it looks so gross like there's veins growing out of it. Yeah, let me at it!'

So I grab a bottle of this blue cheese dressing and pay for it. 

Then when I get home, I quickly cook up my chicken salad and pour liberal amounts of this Blue Cheese dressing on it!



said my imagination before I ate it. 

The reality couldn't be further from it. As I bit into my gigantic chicken sandwich, the blue cheese dressing did to me what the Green Tea with Milk and Sugar did. My face was contorted in exactly the same way (refer for Green Tea Post for image). Ugh. Blue Cheese.

I shall not be tempted in the future. I shall stick to mayo, or thousand island. 

*fun update coming soon


adam said...

Its an acquired taste really,'ll love it the more you eat it.

i dunno about blue cheese salad dressing but the regular blue cheese goes superbly well with bread can biscuits and soup and what not.

KAY JAY said...

@adam, whatever it is, i'm not touching blue cheese in a long long long time...