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Monday, May 11, 2009

Chapter >><< - KJ and the joys of cleaning

Situation - my feet feel uncomfortable stepping over all the small particles of stuff in my apartment.

The mission - to use a huge fan like device attached to a powerful electric motor within a tube or tunnel like device to create a form of difference in air pressure that causes the effect of suction into the device, which is then used to push said small particles of stuff into the device which then leaves the floor of the apartment more soothing to bare feet. In other words, Vacuuming.

The result - I spent a portion of a previous day running the machine all over my apartment. Every inch and every piece of wooden floor was thoroughly gone over with the device. 

Mission accomplished.

Now I'm not one to do alot of chores, my mum will testify to that. And I'm lazy at every opportunity - my friends will tell you that. So it was a life changing decision to voluntarily pick up a vacuum and clean my apartment. It was a decision that would impact the world forever. It went against every fibre of my body to voluntarily do chores. But I persisted and discovered something interesting.

I for once felt the joy that comes from sliding your feet on a nice clean floor after days and days of stepping around in the particle specked floor. (Did I mention my roommate was at the beach and he brought back liberal amounts of sand with him? I don't blame him.. just to let you know what sort of 'particles' exist on the floor) The sensation of the smoothness and being able to step all over the place without feeling small things sticking to your soles is awesome.

I can finally identify with the joy that comes from the hard work of cleaning your floors. 

It's still a pain in the butt to do, but at least there's a light at the end of the tunnel.


the bathroom maybe? I dunno about that one....


*end credits*



~ Jules ~ said...

You and your DUN DUN DUN!!!

I actually HEAR the chords!!!!

KAY JAY said...

@jules, music people will always be music people. XD