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Friday, May 22, 2009

Chapter ^_^

So I've moved to a new apartment. I think I've mentioned that. Don't ask why. I'm not gonna explain. Just accept the fact that I've moved.

The new place is nice. Did I mention we have a Jacuzzi???? Hmm.. you might have caught it on my Twitter or something. Or I might have mentioned it before. 

That's me and my roomies having some fun in the Jacuzzi. With some unavoidable celebratory beer. Just one. Don't fret. It's a moving in celebration. Or something.
The picture is at a weird angle and my head is chopped off by the stupid metal bars thing and I apologize. But that was the only place we could put the camera and it was on a wobbly towel. So sue me. No wait... don't.

I seem to be writing in really short sentences today. I don't know why. See, I did it again. And again. Darn.


I told myself I'm not going to post any more of my fantastic cooking on this site just in case all of you get jealous, but my latest masterpiece was... well... a masterpiece, and I'm so proud of it and how it turned out that I can't not brag about it.

Check out the fish and chips. That's restaurant material right there.

Ok, I promise I won't post anymore lunch or dinner pictures. Unless I make like a roast lamb in my apartment or something. Which is close to impossible... (and now I start to wonder what I could possibly do with the oven)

I can't believe it's week 8 of school already. It's been 2 months or more since I left home and it feels like 2 days. Now is the perfect time to insert a cliche. Time flies when you're having fun, and I've been having loads of fun in class and out of it. Practicing like a nut every night seems to be a fun thing to do so far. But it's not all bashing fun as my last 'practice' video might have told you. That was more of me giving you an insight to the sights and sounds of the MI practice labs. I'm putting together a video of what my REAL practice every night is like. And it's not... well... so random.

I expected to be busy and occupied when I got back to school and I expected to enjoy being busy (I know.. that's CRAZY isn't it?) and guess what? I'm right. 


So far... 

I'm also going to be updating the 'Things I miss so far' post every now and then and link it to the sidebar so keep an eye out for that in case your name appears on it. 

Till next time. 



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