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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cpethar Advent - The Christmas Adventure pt 1

Happy Advent! ( I think )

This post marks the beginning of the Christmas Adventure. Over the weeks I will be exploring and hopefully snapping pictures of what Hollywood's like during this festive season.


Captain's Log - November 29, 2009
It began as an ordinary Sunday. Went to church, had lunch - but there was a mission today. The Destination was set and the directions found on GoogleMaps. Such power this device contains. With supplies loaded - this time just a jumper and a bottle of water and my image capture unit - we mounted the BIMP (Bicycle in my possession. Clever name. My Idea) and proceeded as planned.

Destination - Toys 'R' Us.

It seemed like the perfect time to explore the location. It was not too distant. It was easy to locate. It is near December.

Along the way we discovered we had chosen a path that bypassed the Shopping Station also known as the Beverly Center.
The unit held promise. It was large. And it was the first proper 'shopping unit' that we had come across in a while. Most units here are separated into their own locations. Each has their own facility and they seldom come together into one single complex. For example, major grocers' like 'Ralph's' and pharmacies like 'Rite Aid' and clothes stores like 'Ross' have their own facilities. They are dotted around the region. So this was the first real 'mall' that we came across. And it was weird. There was a collection of units within, but all of them beheld fashion accessories. Nothing more. And one yoghurt shop.


We mounted the BIMP and continued South.
Along the way we spotted this interesting location. Note : try it sometime. It might actually be interesting.

The Stinking Rose? Bold. Very bold.

Continuing down the path on the BIMP we came across this.

This building seemed important. And also it looked pretty awesome. From my point of view that is. The image capture unit had trouble adjusting to the Sun.

After near an hour of coursing on the BIMP, we finally located the destination. The outside looked promising. The site appeared to be a large one.

We docked the BIMP and proceeded into the destination. Hope.

And then disappointment. It wasn't as large as it seemed from the outside. It was tiny. The branch station back home was larger. And it contained more goods. The goods within this unit were few. Scattered. Incomplete.

Hot wheels.
G.I. Joe figures.

Feeble display. A majority of the store was dominated by a new electronics section. Nintendo Wii, Xbox, Rockband packs and the likes.

What Blasphemy! Where were the real goods? The real toys? The new generation has forgotten them altogether. There was nothing. It was a failed mission. It's only redeeming quality was the one station in the back of the store.

Rows and rows of NERF weaponry! Artillery! Snipers! Rocket launchers! Rows of ammunition! One day I shall possess my own arsenal, and then we shall see. NERF WAR!

The rest of the station was quite dull and it didn't hold interest. Back in homebase we used to spend hours in Toys 'R' Us. There was much to see and fiddle with. Here, it was dismal.

A disappointing first mission.

We mounted the BIMP and proceeded home.

And we were greeted with a surprise.

The sight caught us off guard. It was a sanctuary. Within the city.
Toddlers playing in the fields.
The elders coming out in the evening to relax.

It was beautiful.

From all the hustle and bustle of the city, to find a place like this - there's something magical about it. And it always attracts my attention.

Maybe there's more to this Christmas Adventure than I thought.

Mounted the BIMP and headed back to HQ. With a pleasant feeling inside.



There will be more of the Christmas Adventure to come.

For now, enjoy the possibly last fusion video of the year!

It was a blast to play!

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