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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chatper Awesome Kuasa Dua

This time around it's Gregg Bissonette.

One of my all time favourite drummers and nicknamed 'The Turtle' by my brother.

The venue? Cafe Cordiale - an awesome little cafe. It was really christmassy inside too and really cosy. almost exactly like the Catalina. And it had an incredibly gorgeous waitress too... err... *cough*

It was a tribute concert to Carlos Vega - another awesome drummer and musician and the night was full of amazing latin music. Just fantastic. It was mind blowingly awesome.

Now for some pictures.

I never thought I'd see 'Satay' anywhere else... But hey, it's that famous! Go Malaysia!

My dinner that night - I actually think I could've cooked better. But hey, it wasn't bad.

And the man of the hour. He's so awesome. He went around greeting everybody before the show. Well, technically because that night's show was full of famous people paying tribute to Carlos Vega... so.. yeah.

And here's some random pictures during the performance that my camera somehow refuses to light properly. I'm getting annoyed because it doesn't do 'dim lighting' very well. It does 'bright' and 'pitch darkness' but that middle ground it just goes 'blehhh'. The night mode won't work because there's too much exposure and the flash becomes wimpy and the normal shots don't work because there's too little light. How annoying. But I took some anyway.

And then, I get to meet Mr. Bissonette! Nyahahahaa!!!! Out with the 'schoolgirl grin' again! He was really awesome. And such an awesome guy. YAY!

I wonder who's the next big daddy I'll meet.

Till next time. Watch out for the next part of the Christmas Adventure.

*And a very very very very very very very (did I say very?) special Christmas Post is coming up that none of you want to miss.

It's filled with so much tender goodness it's bound to tug at your heart strings and envelope you with Christmassy emotion and bring a tear of joy to your eye.

It's no joke. I'm serious on that one.

No really.

Did I say it's very very special?

It really is.


Very very special.

Don't miss it.


It's very special. I mentioned that right?

It's not just 'kinda special'. It's very very special.

And it's dedicated to all (well almost all) of my musically related friends.

So don't miss it.

It's special.

Very special.

Specially made special for you.

Made very special.


Don't miss it.



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