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Monday, December 21, 2009

Chapter Yingle Bells - The Christmas Adventure Pt.2

Ok now this is the official continuation of the Christmas Adventure. I'm labelling this one the Eggnog Adventure.

I actually went out for a real nice adventure today, but I want to keep things chronological, so I guess I'll post this one first and then another tomorrow.

Firstly, here's a Merry Christmas picture that everyone can enjoy.

Ok, Disclaimers are needed here. The alcohol isn't entirely mine. It's being shared amongst several people, so once you read this Mum, stop worrying. I'm not going to consume ALL of it.

Now what you might see there somewhere is a little box labelled 'Eggnog'. I decided to try some. It's a traditional Christmas drink and it's one of those Hate It or Love It drinks.

So my ingredients.

This is then me shaking the eggnog with all my might....

....sniffing the strange drink...

... Pre-Rum Eggnog...

... the important ingredient...

... Post-Rum Eggnog...

... The taste...

.... and the results.

I'm not drunk. It's a funny face. Deal with it.

I have to say. It's a weird taste. It really is one of those love it or hate it drinks. And I'll be the first to sit on the fence. It's... weird. It's got that 'cake batter' kind of taste, you know when you like the spoon when mixing cake mix? It's kind of similar. Egg and milk I guess, that's why.

Anyhoo, I don't recommend it to anyone unless you're willing to try a 'Love or Hate' drink. The fence is small. I took it up. So if you all want to try it, don't ask my opinion, and don't sit on the fence.

As for all these stupid pictures, I'm sure you'll want them as postcards. For sale - 5 dollars each. Unlimited use.


More to come on the Christmas Adventure.



I actually almost forgot I recorded this. The volume in this room is particularly high end for some reason. I'm guessing because everything is quieter, the camera tends to pick up the drums alot more. But I was actually playing really quietly. Oh well..

Anyway, this is the Jazz LPW Final as per last quarter, except only 2 songs this time around. Cheers.

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