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Friday, October 9, 2009

Chapter Laffter

So, sometimes I have breaks in between my classes and I have not much to do. I nip down to the library and spend an hour there reading stuff online.
"Well, what do you read everyday or every other day?"

To answer that, I have highlighted some of my entertainment below. It's called a 'Citizen's Blog' on and it's hilarious. It's a neverending source of hilarious 'Engrish' reading material. I'm not censoring the names because if these morons have the nerve to write rubbish like this and make it public on the internet, public humiliation is fair play I would say.

So here we go. And this is only part 1. I'll collect more as the days go by. This is my entertainment.

Notwithstanding, the protesters should be condemned and their act is a stupid act of provocation, done by people who do not understanding the concept of multiracial that we embraced. -
Khairul Idzwan Kamarudzaman
Err... what?

I'm wondering why, were we hated and even upto like waging a war with us. - limbilly
I'm wondering why your english is even upto like crap.

Anyway, please review the punishment of many law acts as time goes by, it becomes more and more irrelevant. - rafi_strght
A request or statement? One will never know..

What's more most of the user of public transport consist of not so well to do background with mere wages, - swchan87
Mere wages indeed! The majority of us clearly work for something other than that...

and patrol cars should do more often patrolling in this kind area's - selva140377
Indeed they should.. in the kind area's.

WHO SHALL WE BLAME THIS FOR? - desmondthomas
Are we trying to blame on someone's behalf?

If Indonesian man marries a Malaysian woman, and get citizenship. If this Indonesian define as a Son-of-soil (eventhough born in Indonesia) or shall be define as Malaysia-Indonese descent. -limbilly
I can't read this and not be confused. Question? Statement? It's spoiling my brain.

And now, the Holy Grail of posters. This particular person is a gold mine of stuff like this.

Malaysian and Singaporean always not in a good relation term in general. -meow_1978
Even the current food fight, the "bak kut teh" was proclaimed by Singaporean. - meow_1978
Of course we are not as better as Singapore but we can be consider than Thailand. - meow_1978
It seems there is a term for that particular relation. And they've been 'proclaiming' a food fight lately. But we can be consider than Thailand wha???

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