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Monday, October 19, 2009

Chapter Argh - And then not so argh.

No it's not pirate post.

I'm mad. Mad with myself. Today just started off as one of the crappiest days ever.

I normally set my alarm clock on my laptop now because my other alarm clock doesn't really work, and my watch alarm is too soft and my phone alarm sometimes rings at 4am for no reason even though I set it at 9.

So I've got my laptop alarm all set for 9:15 this morning. And I missed it.

I woke at 11:40. I slept for freaking 10 hours waiting for alarm clock. I lazed in bed waiting for the darn thing to sound and when it still didn't I was under the impression that it was still before 9. And so I lazed.

And then I woke. And found out the time. And freaked. And checked the alarm. And sure it had gone off. But then I saw the stupid problem. I'd left my earphones plugged in. And the alarm was ringing all morning through those. And I heard nothing. And I got up. And was late for my 11am class. Well, not late. I freaking missed it altogether.

And then I stepped on my glasses which had fallen on the floor in the night.

I'm so angry with myself right now. In 6 months I haven't missed a single class. Not one. Never absent. Never late. NEVER. And now this. I missed an entire class because of my own stupid error. I feel like kicking myself right now. I feel like pulling out my hair. I feel like eating my drumsticks.




Ok, good stuff really does happen when you need it the most.

After a really crappy start to a day, I thought the day could only get crappier. Thankfully it didn't.

My Passion 2010 T-Shirt arrived in the mail today! (Pictures below)

And I got another 98 in my LPW. No recordings unfortunately. I'll get one the next time.

And so now I feel good going into my practice hours.


The great package arrived!!!

And here is the magnificent shirt! I'ma wear it with pride!

Thanks again Louie Giglio and the Passion 2010 team!

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