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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chapter 1.5

The last adventure of the holiday. An uneventful holiday it was. Moneyless holidays are difficult to do. But I do them nonetheless.

I rode down to Silverlake the other day which is an incredibly hilly area around a lake. Or at least I think it's a lake. The whole place is just a monstrosity of ups and downs with houses all over the place and interesting stair climbs to do. I parked my bike and attempted to find my way up there, but it's like a labyrinth. I came to many dead ends and went down the hills I got up and up the hill I went down. And I almost got lost. But thankfully, I am not my mom.

So here's the closest I got to a top of the hill lake shot.
Sadly, it's not a lake. It's a lake, but no one can go near it because I think it's also LA's water supply. Or something to do with the LA water department because it's all fenced up.
And as usual, in LA, a gorgeous shot like this is utterly ruined by some man made fence and cables.

And I thought that was that, but on the way back, I came across something interesting. I stumbled upon the Barnsdall Art Park.

I don't know if you remember some of my early posts, but I remember coming across a 'sanctuary' of relaxation somewhere in Downtown LA. Well, this was one of them. In the middle of the busy city and in the midst of nothing but concrete jungle, here was a tiny pleasant part with trees and grass. A sanctuary, up a small hill and shut from the noisy crazy world below. Only 10 feet outside it's premises the concrete jungle began. But yet this sanctuary existed. I think I've found my weekend relaxation place.
Gorgeous isn't it? It's nothing spectacular, but after seeing nothing but buildings for 6 months, this is heaven.

Being an arts park, there were some abstract art sculptures littered around the garden.

I'm not into art. I think those look like scrap. But I decided to take pictures of them anyway.

There was also something called the HollyHock house, which is apparently some 'old fashioned' style house that was donated to the place and preserved as a museum. The tours were off and I didn't have money for them anyway so I didn't explore it. But it did look quite pretty on the outside.

And there is of course an art gallery there. They didn't have any shows when I went there. They're having one next weekend. So I'm definitely going there.

That's the art gallery and theatre. Don't the trees just look awesome? I dunno, but now I'm just so excited to see trees.

People of malaysia, be grateful for the parks that exist in every neighbourhood. It's not so bad. This is the only park that exists in the entire area of Hollywood. Be grateful for the padang asam. Be grateful for public football fields. Even if there's little grass. Be grateful for small sanctuaries like these. For there are few. And even fewer in Hollywood. I'm grateful I found this place.

I suspect I'm going to be there quite often.


~ Jules ~ said...

owh man. life in LA huh. no wonder so many folks become tree-huggers.

KAY JAY said...

I can understand as well now. I hope I don't get driven to insanity and become one myself.