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Monday, January 17, 2011

chapter tooth and Chips part 2

If you remember part one, awesome. If not, go look it up.

So the part of my tooth that came off and was replaced has fallen off again. I sorta knew it was going to happen eventually because the dentist didn't do a very good job. So there you go. Kinda sucks.

Moving on.

Some really cool updates across the board here. I realised that I had taken some pictures recently and forgot to put them up here so here we go. Starting from Christmas wayyyyyyy back in 2010.

To answer a famous question that has been asked like a million times...

Yes. That is a real tree. It needs water. It's alive. And green. And soft. And smells good.

Isn't it purdy?

More house decor...

The daytime isn't especially flattering to the lights eh.. They did look good though.

All set for CHRISTMAS PARTY! (on the 18th... church christmas party hosted at the house I'm staying in)..

I didn't take that many pictures... I'm getting less trigger happy with my camera. It's not good.



Random shot of quadruple B'day celebration with friends.

More stuff coming up later! Had a great weekend adventure this past weekend. Look forward to that.

KJ over and out.

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