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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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So this past weekend I had the opportunity to do something that I absolutely love. I got invited to be part of the worship band for a high school winter camp organized by a church around the area. It's been what, 3 years since my last one, the awesomeness that is TeenStreet? So it was incredible to be doing it again.

Started off with a 2 and a bit hour drive up the mountains to alpine meadows.

Pics from the road.

Gas stop..

As the sun started to set we soon arrived at our destination. A nice little place with cabins inside and a warm hall. Our little worship spot..

For those wondering, or for those assuming, I was on keys and vocals. Not on the drums this time. But equally as much fun. More tiring actually. Respects to singer musicians who do these kind of things. You know who you are.

Chillin' in the cabin after the first night.

My buddy Joe and Spencer's foot.

The view from outside the cabin in the morning.


And how often do you get to see a snow filled pool?

Lastly some pictures of what went on those couple of days.
Lots of music, lots of teaching. Goooooood stuff.

Our awesome soundman Brian! Soundmen are highly under-appreciated!

And the band!
From left to right
Joe, Me, Spencer and Patrick.

And the band blocked by high school pastor Josh.

Band and soundman Brian!

It was a great weekend. Lots and lots of fun. I might just update this thing and post a little more stories but until then.


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