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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chatper Do & Nut

Captain's log, Tuesday, September 22.

We set out on the bi-pod explorer out of headquarters with a mission. After consulting the maps of Googol, we acquired a location. It was going to be an interesting day and an interesting hunt. The location wasn't too far. In fact is was nearer than expected. Since the other points in the map referred to somewhere much further, we decided to go for it.

We set our destination for... 'THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY".

Armed with the allocated credits required and a storage unit and hydration fluid, we set out on the trail provided by the map. Eyes peeled, we slowed as we reached the intersection. But the Factory was nowhere to be seen. The location was wiped from existence. Someone, or something didn't want us to find the Factory. We went twice round the block, hoping to have missed it the first time, but alas the location was completely removed.

We returned back to Headquarters, feeling defeated.

The map of Googol had lied. We hooked up our research team and found out that the Factory had long since been replaced by a Pizzeria. Our mission was postponed, but not defeated. Further research revealed a further location. It would be harder, but we would never give up.

-end of entry-

Captain's log, Wednesday, September 23.

After a strong headache had knocked us out last night, we awoke refreshed and ready for the second attempt. The enemy must have been trying to keep us from finding our destination more than we thought.

With the Bi-pod armed and ready to go and the storage unit prepped, we headed out for the second time. The distance was a near 7 Milosse there, and another 7 Milosse back. It would be a long run. Thankfully the terrain was clear and smooth. We set off at 1100 hours.

On the way, we came across this.

The huge monument was amazing. It was the West Angeles Cathedral. The moment was awe inspiring. Note: Explore the monument in next adventure.

Moving on, the journey was getting tougher. Thankfully the Bi-pod handled the small crests well. After 50 zectominutes, we saw it. The shining beacon of hope and happiness. The mission was a success. We found it. We found it at last.

Quickly, we docked the Bi-pod and entered the station.

"1 dozen Original Glazed please!"

The container was far larger than expected. Thankfully, the storage unit was large enough the accomodate the container. Once everything was strapped in, we prepared for the journey back. It would be tough. The Bi-pod energy was running low. The hydration fluid was warm due to the extreme temperatures outside.

Another 50 minutes later, Headquarters.

We opened the storage unit and inspected the container.
All is good. The container had survived the arduous journey home. And it was intact. We carefully opened it to reveal the goods.
The smell completely filled HQ. But wait.. something's missing...
There we go.

Mission complete.
We took a shower, flipped on the A/C and sat down to enjoy the spoils.


-end of entry-

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