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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chapter 4 - Fall

The heat is subsiding in Socal. (Southern California for those who are wondering.)

The sun goes down by 7:30.

The nights are cooling.

The air condition is being used no more. Well exception of some rare afternoons.

The quarter is coming to a close. A new one is beginning.

The tourists are gone.

The Boulevard isn't as crowded anymore.

The blockbusters have ended.

The Summer Music Festivals have come to a close.

The free jazz is finished. The paid ones carry on.

The city is that bit quieter. Although still quite noisy on weekends.


The summer has ended.

But not before leaving us with this.

That's the moon, made red by the fires in LA. A moon tainted by the dust, smoke and ashes. A fiery moon, making it's last stance against the change in weather.

A moon, serving as a reminder how hot the darn place became, and once again subsiding to another portion of forgotten history.

The fall is coming.

The fall is here.

Gaya leh.

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