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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chapter 5, and all that jazz...


The videos you are about to watch contain pure jazz material.
They also contain incredibly terrible sound quality, owing to the fact that my camera tends to pick up the high frequencies more and since the whole thing was played at a rather soft volume, the cymbals were the things that really sounded out into my microphone. Hence the drums might sound rather 'hot' and the melodies might be drowned. Do not complain. Enjoy. Or else.

3 IN 1 SUPER COMBO!!!!1111!!1!

I didn't manage to get the keys in the screen, partly because he's a stand in so I didn't know we were performing with him, but you can here the keys pretty clearly.
I had alot of fun doing this LPW and I'm hoping I get the full 10 weeks next quarter. It's all jazzy from now on. Comin' your way.

That's the last of the LPW videos for this quarter. I did promise to do more recordings and I did. I didn't capture every single one, but if you're unsatisfied, fly to Hollywood and watch me play every week. Or just be quiet and be happy with the stuff.

Big posts coming in the next 2 weeks. It's the end of another quarter and it's time to put some thoughts out there!

Stay tuned.

BONUS MATERIAL - Sound bites
- Go and watch the movie 'Der Untergang, or 'Downfall' . DO IT.
- The Jazz videos were up for quite a while before they appeared on the blog, so if you have time, check out the youtube channel every now and then. DO IT.
- If you are on twitter, get in touch. If you're not on twitter, get on twitter. And then get in touch. DO IT.
- LINK UP with Passion 2010 live link NOW! You have more than 24 hours (as of time of posting) and it's your last chance! DO IT.

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