This blog has now reached it's end. The American Adventure has finished. Will there be a sequel in the near future? One will never know, but for now let's let the credits roll...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Welcome to the new face of KJ'S American Adventure!

This is just a welcome post to get you acquainted with the move! Think of it like house warming... except it's not a house. And it's not getting warm.

I finally decided to move to have more freedom to edit my posts and blog. The idea of having a novelty blog on blogsome (I know no other person who uses that service) was completely destroyed by the fact that the novelty blog sites are just crap. And so, as unwilling as I may be, I succumb to the status quo of the blog world. *sigh*

Oh well.. not to be too depressing or anything. So let's open some beer - I mean Pepsi - and enjoy our new place! Get settled soon! We're gonna have a ball!


Things to come -
Some pictures
Videos of my LPW performances. Hopefully I have no trouble uploading them.
Ramblings from week 2!
Stay tuned!


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