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Friday, April 17, 2009

Tiny update number 5/4

Le sigh...

A wave of depression skims over me. Well, definitely skims over because if you truly know me then you know that nothing can possibly keep me down. But I am slightly disappointed and today has just been a crap day. Well, in retrospect not really so crap, but still quite crap. 

So I get my butt to the jazz LPW today (after waiting and queueing at the registrar office to get my schedule changed) and lo and behold - no more spots for drummers. All the spots were taken in the first week when everyone signed up and I was stuck in class. Phooey. 

So that means no jazz for this quarter. NO JAZZ LPW! OMGBBQ! So what in the world did I change my schedule for!? Now I've got to get up earlier on Friday - no wait, that's not true... I still get up at the same time because I did have a class at 10 before this as well... 


I keep looking for the bright side in this and I suppose there is one. I get to do my funk LPW now... and there's always the Blues and Brazilian LPW to compensate... it's jazzy enough to get my groove going (Gonna try getting the video up later). But I suppose the bright side isn't quite as bright as it would be had it been brightened by the brighter fact of doing a Jazz LPW and not doing the others as the not so bright side because that side of the brightness is possibly brighter than the current brightness of the bright side which makes it not so bright but bright nonetheless. 

But come on... NO JAZZ LPW! OMGMMKAY!

There's still a chance at another LPW called the Schroeder LPW... I'm gonna check that out next week and see where things fly with that. So for this quarter it's all blues, funk and bossa. Good enough... but NO JAZZ LPW!

Ok I've said that long enough. 

But the crap day doesn't end there.

There was free food at school today. Mountains of pizza and even larger mountains of Coke. It was fantasticly delicious and the pizzas were huge! You could take piece after piece in the never ending wave of pizzas! 

And that's all in my imagination because I was asleep.

Oh yes... I was sleeping when they were handing out free pizzas. I fell asleep on the couch today and missed free pizzas. How much crappier can the day get.

Oh well.

I guess the best I can do is Play That Funky Music ... which is my next LPW and I hope I hit the 90's this time.


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