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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chapter -1.5 : The Hobo Experience

But first some other things.

Here's another one of my LPWs... Comments are welcome on this page and the youtube page. Playing that funky music.

Next is something I suppose only Americans can think of. I love green tea. I love green tea with lemon. And even green tea with all sorts of crap that Justea puts into it. But this is the first time I've ever seen green tea with milk and sugar.

See, I have photo proof. And it looks just as disgusting as you think it does.

Before you go and try this first, here's a picture of me after tasting the green tea with milk.

It's incredibly weird.

And now, the Hobo experience.

I was on the bus back from downtown LA the other day. Actually no, I was on the way to downtown to take the train back to Hollywood. At one stop, this weird looking hobo snuck into the back door of the bus. I suspect he was trying to sneak it without paying while the driver up front was busy with the other people. But his hobo plan failed. 

He was detected by the bus driver's super senses - years of bus driving gives you skills like that - and was asked to get up front to pay. The hobo was grunting and complaining words that didn't make a whole lot of sense. I guess I don't understand enough Hobo Speak to comprehend. All I heard was him muttering about wanting his 50 cents back. You see, Hobo had to pay but he kept insisting the bus fare was 50 cents when it was actually $1.25. So all Hobo did was pull out a dollar bill and ask for change.

And there were 2 things wrong with that. 

1. The buses do not give change. If you only have a 100 dollar bill then sorry, you're not getting back your 98.75. And

2. Hobo was a quarter short anyway.

So the bus driver asked Hobo to sit down and shut up. He did one of them. Throughout the journey with Hobo on the bus, Hobo kept spontaneously shouting out weird sentences. Most of them were Hobo Speak, but I managed to catch some of it (unintentionally of course. He was yelling. Don't look at me as if I was paying attention to Hobo) like 'I love you!' and 'Where you going?' and stuff like that. Alot of 'I love you!'s by the way. I think they were aimed at the bus driver. But then again, this is Hobo we are talking about, and only God knows what he was really saying. It was like a guy with a speech problem and tourrettes at the same time.

The entire journey freaked the crap out of me. Hobo was sitting just 2 seats away and it was freaky everytime he spontaneously yelled some weird Hobo sentence.

I guess this is the reason why most people don't take the bus. To avoid the Hobos. Be thankful there aren't as many Hobos on Buses in Malaysia.

*Huge photo edit coming up next. Stay tuned.


I wonder if there is a phobia of your clothes shrinking in the wash. Because I have that.

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