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Monday, April 27, 2009

Chapter f(x)=x-9 : Picture Update

First let me introduce you to the Xlerator. This little monster sits in the bathrooms all day, waiting for you to put your hand underneath it so it can blast it to oblivion.

And this is what it does to your hand ( I hope you can see.. but if you can't it blasts your hand out of shape)

Now that is one seriously powerful dryer. I've had alot of fun with it. If you put both your hands together underneath your palms make odd farting noises.

And here are the first casualties of my nightly practice. I'm gonna try and keep all of them to see how many I destroy during my time here in America. Thankfully I brought quite a few of them so I don't have to buy any yet.

And now, presenting.... (drumroll)


Yeap.. that's pretty much what I've been eating so far. If you're wondering why some of them look similar it' because I bought a huge packet of instant potato powder mix and that's sort of been my carb staple - it's easier to cook than rice. And I've had cabbage for almost every meal, simply because cabbages are 98 cents each.

And now some bonus pictures

I decided to treat myself to a huge bottle of pepsi. 2 litres only cost my $1.50. If you consider dollar to dollar, it's darn cheap. I mean, back in malaysia you'll prolly get a measly 325ml can for 1.50.

And this was the disaster of my first attempt at cooking rice on a stovetop in a pot. In other words (if you can't understand by the picture) PHAIL! I burnt the bottom and spent like 10 minutes scrubbing the pot. Don't worry, I learn fast and now my rice perfect adee. I'm like the pro of stovetop pot rice cookery. I should enter a stovetop high flame quick pot rice cooking challenge or something.

That's it for now. I know I've forgotten to put something in this post. But that always happens. And I can update this darn thing anytime anyway. Till next chapter folks.

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