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Monday, November 23, 2009

Chapter pvu3h4r

pvu3h4r is what you get when I close my eyes and randomly press my keyboard. This post is a flurry of random updates so it's fitting.

Some people have asked if I'm going to keep up this whole 'chapter' business. Well I will.. until I run out of ideas. And since I'm such a creative guy *cough* I think it might go on for quite a while.

It's close to thanksgiving - a holiday celebrated exclusively by Americans. A huge deal here. And they're forcing me to take a long weekend off. I don't want a long weekend off. I want my friday class. I have alot of cool stuff going on Friday. GIVE IT BACK! I DON'T WANT FRIDAY OFF!!

Seriously.. I have my jazz LPW, my jazz class, and my private lesson (mostly jazz) on Fridays. IT'S AN AWESOME DAY and they're forcing me to go on break? UNFAIR! INJUSTICE! I DEMAND A... a... a.. refund. I want my friday back dammit.

Ok, since I have alot of stuff to write about, I'm going to number them.

Number ONE - My Night With Steve Gadd
Some of you guys might remember my first visit to the Catalina Jazz club to see Dave Weckl. Well this time around Steve Gadd was performing there. And I HAD to see this.

He was blazing awesome. Heck the whole band was blazing awesome. If I had the money, I would've gone to see him the next night. It was that fantastic. Some pics from the show - we had a shitty table and my camera doesn't do night shots that well - well, night shot mode is better, but it has a higher chance of being fuzzy, but normal mode isn't bright enough. So I compromise. Better than nothing I suppose.

At the end of the night, I was itching so badly to take a picture with Mr. Gadd, but unlike the night Weckl performed, he didn't hang around to chat. He went straight into the green room and stayed there. So I didn't get my picture. Apparently he did come out on the last night of the gig. And a friend of mine got his sticks signed. And I just erupted with jealousy. Curses.

I promise you Gadd, I will meet you again in the future. I PROMISE YOU!
Number TWO - My New Earphones

Number Three - Goin' Home!
How fitting that the LPW just before the Thanksgiving break would be entitled 'Goin' Home'. Alot of people will be 'going home' so to speak over the long weekend. Sadly I won't be. This does not, however, make me feel homesick. Yet.

It was actually a stellar performance by all the musicians. Me included (shameless boasting). I know the sound may suggest otherwise, but trust me - this was one of those magical times where everyone knew exactly what they were doing and magical music was produced. I don't know how many of you know what that's like especially when you're playing with people you don't normally play with. Most of the time someone somewhere hasn't got it together or just doesn't gel with someone else in the band. Sometimes that person is me (shameless self depreciation - it balances out the boasting). But this performance was that one time where everything worked together close to perfect and it made great music. Not just a great cover, but music in it's own right. It was enjoyable.

Number FOUR - Things to Come
Alot of stuff is going to happen over the next two months.

- Christmas is coming. Christmas in Hollywood. I hope it's a slightly more refreshing experience versus Halloween in Hollywood
- Might be going to the mountains with some friends to get some PROPER WINTER.
- Watching Mike Stern and Dave Weckl(again!) perform at the Catalina.
- Watching Victor Wooten (@theotherKJ - nyek nyek nyek I get to see him LIVE) and band
- New Years in Hollywood?

It's look to be a fun end to a year.

Number FIVE - Nurse?
Welcome to American College. Where teacher wins sports bet.

Number SIX - Nothing
No really. Nothing. I've run out of things to say. I have a hunch I have more that I forgot, but hey I can always post again. Yay for me.


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