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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chapter Ganksthiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a quintessentially American Holiday. It's celebrated nowhere else around the world. Very typically American that is. Much like Baseball and Basketball and American Football... only in America.

I use it as an excuse to eat. And as Malaysians I guess we're pretty familiar with that territory aren't we? Using any occasion as an opportunity to devour delicious cuisine.

But it's a beautiful thing really. It's a day to be thankful. You don't get a more amazing purpose for a holiday than that. I mean, Christmas has become more about getting presents, New Years never really meant anything to anyone (another excuse to eat Malaysians? *ahem*) and so on. But a day to give thanks, that's actually beautiful.

And there are so many things we can be thankful for.


I'm thankful for

- Being here doing what I love. Being safe in Hollywood thus far. Surviving without any problems.
- Not falling seriously ill so far.
- Not running out of money.
- Settling into a great Church.
- VBS going on back home right now. For such an awesome team of people dedicated to serve a bunch of underaged hooligans.
- Great friendships. New ones. Old ones. Friendships that transcend the barriers of time.
- An awesome Thanksgiving dinner amidst a week of my no gas week (number 2 now) and all sandwiches.

Above all, I thank God for being God. For being in charge, because I certainly shouldn't be. He has a plan that will NEVER go off track. God's plan never ever gets derailed and though mine certainly do, His never. And I'm thankful for that.

Because in that unchangeable plan of God, He also included the death of Jesus on the cross for my sin. If it were up to me, I would never have dreamed of that kind of a plan, but He, in His divine love, decided to do that for me and I am eternally grateful.

So.. though we may not celebrate it anywhere else, Happy Thanksgiving.

Give thanks to the Lord, Our God and King
His love endures FOREVER!

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