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Thursday, January 28, 2010

chapter w00-10

Yes it's the victor wooten night.

I had a shitty seat that night. The club was packed to overflowing and we had to share a table with some other people. There was a pillar right smack in front of me because technically I wasn't in a proper seat. They just skooshed me in somehow.

Thankfully though, the pillar was blocking the part of the stage that Victor decided not to stand on. It wasn't the best of views, but it wasn't completely obscured.

Pictures. Yes.

Surprisingly, those came out quite clear.

Fun facts of the night
- I don't know if you can see from the pictures, but Victor was wearing what must be the most horrendous looking polo-T I have ever seen. You'll NEVER catch me wearing something like that. But then again... who am I to judge fashion sense?
- There was a dude behind me who was sleeping throughout Victor's ridiculously powerful and exhilarating solo. I could hear him snoring. I mean come on... you paid 30 bucks to watch a hard thumping bass man and you sleep during his solo? That's just.... nevermind.
- Many people left before Victor was done. I don't quite understand what that indicates. Was he boring? Did they have other appointments? Was it late? I don't get it. Pay and sit through the show. Why leave 10 minutes before he's done?
- Victor didn't play an encore. The lazy bum.

There's something about seeing this dude live. Sure I've seen the countless youtube videos showing off his impossible abilities to manipulate the bass guitar. But to actually watch it in person is a whole different experience. His hand is literally too fast for the human eye. It's ridiculous.

I want to jam with this man one day. I want to make the Gregg Bissonette face when he does his ridiculous chops in front of me.

Th-th-th-that's all folks!

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