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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chapter D - The scare.

My brief scare with death. Well, not death. But close. Well not very close.

This just occurred minutes before writing this.

Squeamish people please stop here. Also parents please stop here too. Or read and just be quiet and please don't nag. It's not as bad as I make it sound.


Doctors Log.

Patient was in Drum Lab packing up equipment.
Patient exited Drum Lab and proceeded to unlock locker.
Patient noticed that there was liquid on his folder.
Patient noticed blood.
Patient didn't feel wound at all initially.
Bleeding profusely from small wound in the finger.
Patient went to wash wound and found small scratch.
Patient discovered metal shards inside wound.

Patient attempted to remove by running water.
Shards were stuck firmly in flesh.
Patient quickly retired to apartment.

Tools were sterilized - needle and tweezers - in boiling water.
Doctor proceeded to examine metal shards.
First two shards were removed with ease.
Final shard remained deep in wound.
Doctor continued to attempt to reach it.
Attempt abandoned due to fear of pushing shard deeper into wound.
Doctor braced patient for alternative attempt.
Skin was pierced from opposite direction with needle in order to reach the shard from the opposite direction - not the entry of the wound.
Shard was pushed close to surface.

After 15 minutes of tension, final shard was finally removed.
Patient writes blog.
Doctor needs a beer.



I don't know how I got those shards in my finger. It was definitely from my cymbal. I will have to inspect it closer tomorrow when I'm not panicking.

That was a real scare. It's not like removing splinters. These things are crazy sharp and they cut really deep into the skin. Thankfully my doctor skills have saved my life.

I nearly freaked the crap out. So bad that I was looking for '24 hour doctors' online.


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