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Friday, May 14, 2010

Chapter Bleach Breach

I have a hat. It's white. I like it. But it gets dirty. Fast. Not a problem. I bleach it. Every now and then. If it gets too dirty. It works. It comes out shimmering white. It's good. It's easy. Restores the white. Removes the stains. Good as new. So I bought some bleach. Because I ran out of it. White hat was especially dirty. Blame Yosemite. Forest trekking. More on that later. Anyway, bleach. Yes, lots of it. Soaked the hat. Left it there for a while. Maybe a little too long while. It's as good as new. Then I take it out. And brush off the last stains. And it tears. Yes it rips. Not at the seams. Not at a damaged part. It just rips. Everywhere. With the slightest touch. It tears. Into pieces.

I. Bleached. My. Hat. Into. Destruction.

The fabric is destroyed. It falls apart like soggy cardboard. Ew. Gross. I know. I paid the price. Over-bleaching. Over-soaking. Silly me. My hat is ruined. It's in ribbons. And pieces. It's in the trash bin. Now I have to get a new one. Thankfully it's cheap. I've learned my lesson. Never bleach for too long. Stubbornly, I'll still wear white. I like white hats. Distinctly KJ now. So yes. Buying another. Sigh. I'd take pictures, but they're too traumatising. The images might scare you. I'll leave it for now.



Yosemite coming next. Stay tuned. Not in short sentences. I think. Unless I'm lazy. Again.

(If you're reading this and you're actually stopping at every period, there must be something wrong with you.. or my evil plan to make a post seem longer than it looks is actually working.)

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