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Friday, August 21, 2009

Chapter moo

Was walking down the grocery in lane number five,
looking for delicious things to help keep me alive.
The shelves were stacked with things that looked incredibly good
but all I really needed was some cheap breakfast food.
The boxes on the shelves held all the marvelous treats
from flavoured oats to toasted corns to multi coloured wheats.
I looked and searched and tried to find  a box of something nice
but as a student, all the time, I only look at price
and standing right above the boxes, heaps and mounts
was a box of breakfast for just 15 cents an ounce.

I quickly grabbed a box, no two, and shoved them in my cart
and thought a little to myself, 'now that's a perfect start.'
The box reached home and sat and waited for the morning come
when I would finally get the chance to crunch my teeth on some.

I poured into my bowl a tiny mountain of the stuff
and then a little more too just in case it's not enough.
I soaked the whole ensemble in some milk and took a spoon
And sat down on the couch and table where I would soon
ingest the breakfast treats and savour the delicious crunch
and keep myself full and well till it's time for lunch.

*nom nom nom*
*nom nom nom*


Have you ever tasted something so artificially sweet
that it gives you the shivers down to your very feet.
It left a tingling in my throat that I could surely feel
and my eyes went all squinty from the sweet breakfast meal.
An overdose of sugar I think I might have had today-
no that's an understatement, it's quite that bad I say.

Cap'n Crunch's Peanut Butter Crunch is the culprit here my friend.
And I swear to you, I really do, to NEVER BUY IT AGAIN.


~ Jules ~ said...

but WHYYYY???? It's Now EVEN BETTER TASTING!!! Cannot you read????? It's right THERE on the BOX!!!!! Not even the fineprint!!!! RIGHT ON THE COVERRRRRR!!!!

KAY JAY said...

THEY LIE! It's all a marketing conspiracy! I am the lone voice of truth in this Cap'n Crunch injustice!

~ Jules ~ said...

I can hear the crunching in the background....