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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chapter I - Intermissionsionsion

I went to see McCoy Tyner, the great jazz composing legend, today at the Catalina.

It was fantastic right up to the point McCoy walked off the stage because some a-hole was recording him on a video camera or some shit.

Which got me thinking - I want to come to a point where I'm established enough to be able to walk off stage whenever I want. It's a weird ambition, I admit.

Right now I'm at the point where I'll smile and take as much bull crap as I can handle, then some more, because clearly I need the work.

But one day...

I really need to punch that moron. If only I weren't so skinny.


Duncan K. Bohannon said...

I don't know McCoy Tyner from Adam — a travesty, probably, I know — and whoever that dude was who was recording, shouldn't have been recording.


This McCoy fellow also didn't have to be just as asshole-ish and walk off the stage just because of one guy. It's that kind of extreme paranoia of possible piracy — I'm assuming that's probably why he walked off — that really needs to die. (Addressing the artists now…) One dude with a video camera is not going to kill your business. Get over yourself and frikkin' perform for your fans. That's what they ostensibly paid for.

KJ Wong said...

Unfortunately, I have to side with McCoy. It wasn't a problem of piracy. The dude's established enough to care less about it. It was a matter of respect. And the fact that the club doesn't allow recordings to begin with. He actually lambasted the recording moron about respecting the performer. Which I have to agree with.

Some people can deal with it, but it still doesn't change the fact that it's rather disrespectful to come to a special performance and stick a camera in the face of the performers.