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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chapter R - You're never too far from home Pt 3


Ok I haven't been updating much. Not much has been happening. I'm on holiday. I've been jamming to some older worship songs on and spending time at home writing my new novel. You'll see that here sooner or later. It's on my google docs account so I'll make it public soon. It's funny. Trust me.


Holiday. So not much happening. But adventures only happen if you make them happen. So today I decided to have a mini adventure.

Not so long ago, or quite long ago, I was at The Grove for Christmas. If you remember the video of the faux snow some time ago, that's where I was. Well, right next to this place was the Farmer's Market and it has this kind of food court area. A stall there caught my eye and I made a mental note to myself to go there at least once just for the heck of it. And so today I did.

It was the first home styled food outlet I found since I've been here and so I decided to check it out. They had the whole fare - laksa, nasi goreng, mi goreng, roti canai, all sorts of curry... the whole deal. It was run by this Indonesian fellow and I must say the man knows how to cook. It was actually pretty darn decent!

I ordered myself a beef rendang and some cendol.

Tadaaa!! Looks pretty good no?

I was actually surprised he made the nasi kunyit. The kunyit wasn't very strong, but I could tell it was present.

It was very decent. The only thing was that it wasn't spicy enough. I guess the chef had to tame it down for the gwai lou. But it had the original coconut milk creaminess. Sedap.


Looks ok no? The ice was a bit rough. And it wasn't traditional gula melaka. It was something actually pretty close. At first taste it tasted almost exactly alike, but then there's a little different fragrance to it after a while. Close enough.

So there. After 15 months in the States I finally succumbed to my needs and had some good ol' Malaysian food.

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Stella Cheong said...

you found local Malaysian food at the states! not too bad..hehe